Apex Air Rivet Nut Tool M5 - M12 SN-10


SN-10 Apex Rivet Nut Tool.

Supplied with the Following:

Plastic Carry case.

2 x Bottles of Oil

2 x M5 Mandrels Part No SN-10-01-M5

2 x M6 Mandrels Part No SN-10-01-M6

2 x M8 Mandrels Part No SN-10-01-M8

2 x M10 Mandrels Part No SN-10-01-M10

1 x M12 Mandrels Part No SN-10-01-M12

1 x M5 Nose piece Part no SN-10-02-M5

1 x M6 Nose piece Part no SN-10-02-M6

1 x M8 Nose piece Part no SN-10-02-M8

1 x M10 Nose piece Part no SN-10-02-M10

1 x M12 Nose piece Part no SN-10-02-M12

Imperial Mandrels Available on Request.

1/4 UNC Part No SN-10-01-1/4-20

10-24 Part No SN-10-01-10-24

3/8-16 Part No SN-10-01-3/8-16

5/16-18 Part No SN-10-01-5/16-18