The intelligent combi setting tool! One Tool – TWO setting functions! A prime example of Gesipa Blindniettechnik GmbH innovation, the NEW Gesipa Flipper® Plus can install both Blind Rivets and Blind Rivet Nuts. In a few simple steps this tool can be converted into a Rivet nut setting tool. 

Click on the below links to watch tool conversion.


For more detailed instructions on how to convert Gesipa Flipper® Plus, please click link for instruction sheet.

Like the original Gesipa Flipper®, this ratchet tool requires 40% less user force than other hand rivet tools when the lever is actuated several times. This tool is fitted with an ergonomically designed mandrel collection container to allow for the safe disposal of ejected mandrels. 

When setting blind rivet nuts, the total stroke is 16.2 mm long to allow the setting of multigrip blind rivets like the Gesipa® PolyGrip® blind rivet nuts.


Technical Data:

  • Blind Rivet Capacity: Up to 5mm Ø aluminium rivets and 4mm Ø steel and stainless steel.
  • Blind Rivet Nut Capacity: M4 – M6 Aluminium and M4 – M5 Steel
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Total Length: 217 mm
  • Total Stroke: 16.2 mm
  • Single action stroke: 1.8mm





What’s Included?

For more information on this tool, please contact us. Email: [email protected] Ph: 1300 866 5349