Defender Luminator Light Tower E712661

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SUPER BRIGHT - Delivers 3,000 times more light than a household torch

OFFER MAXIUM COVERAGE - 360° light spread

TELESCOPIC - Mast extends the unit up to 4 metres

LOW WATTAGE - 30,000 Lumens delivered from only 374 W

REDUCED LIGHT POLLUTION - The 360° and 180° directional light options offers flexibility on site and is ideal near redidential areas.

Exclusively designed and manufactured by Defender, attention to detail has been applied to both the user interface and the functions of this product. The LED Luminator provides a large area of light coverage from a compact and portable unit. Using CREE COB (chip on board) LED’s the product delivers 30,000 lumens of light at a colour temperature of 6,500K. The market leading silicone optics over the LEDs enables users to direct the light to where exactly where it is needed.

Through the clever electronic drive system, a maximum height of 4 meters can be reached by simply pressing and holding the ‘up’ button. The Luminator comes with 3 rapid deployment stabilisers that mean it’s up and running in as little as 90 seconds once located and powered up. All of this cutting-edge technology is packaged in a durable moulded jacket designed to perform in the harshest of environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • 4M compact portable tower light which can be deployed and active within 90 seconds 

  • Size and design means it can be manouvered and installed safely by a single person 

  • Requiring only 374W means it can be run from a standard power tool transformer 

  • Specialist optics - deliver the light where it’s needed 

  • 180˚ and 360˚ light spread options helps prevent light wastage or pollution 

  • 100% and 50% light power settings gives you control over how much light is emitted 

  • Motor driven mast means there is no manual winding required

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