Eibenstock Concrete Grinder 125mm EBS120 - 0630F000

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Eibenstock Concrete Grinder 125mm EBS120

Power input: 1,400 W

Rated voltage: 230 V ~

Rated speed: 10,000 rpm

Disc diameter: 125 mm

Features: Electronic soft start, constant speed, temperature control Foldable front edge of dust guard for grinding directly to the edge of the work area Slim housing design compact, well balanced design Spindle lock easy tool change Uses: Grinding and smoothing of surfaces Removing of screed seams, residual mud, plaster and coatings Preparing of surfaces, e.g. for tile renovation Concrete, screed, tile adhesive, plaster, paint, coatings, carpet adhesive with special grinding wheels (accessories) Working in tight spots for example under radiators, protrusions Technical Data: Power input: 1,4 W Rated voltage: 23 V ~ Rated speed: 1, rpm Disc diameter: 125 mm Spindle connection: Ì÷ 22.2 mm Weight: 2.9 kg Supplied With: In case with concrete diamond grinding wheel and tool kit