Eibenstock Diamond Core Drill Wet/Dry


Eibenstock Diamond Core Drill 2200W ETN162/3

Power input: 2200w

Concrete (wet): 12-162 mm

Brick (dry): 12-202 mm


• Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over load protection cut-off, optical overload indication, constant speed
• Service-LED – lights up approx. 1 working hours before the carbon brushes need to be replaced
• 3 speed oil bath gearbox – for optimal lubrication in all working positions, due to the developed oil pump
• Mechanical safety clutch
• Combination spindle with integrated connection for centering rod – fast, precise spot drilling
• Ergonomic handle with large switch for control and comfortable drilling
• Heavy duty PUR power cord
• Changing system – fast conversion between wet and dry applications
• Integrated spirit level on motor and handle
• Quick-mounting system – fix the machine and handle onto the rig without any tools
• Dry drilling in sand-lime brick, brick, clinker and other abrasive materials as well wet drilling in reinforced concrete, natural stone and asphalt
• Sanitary, heating and ventilation construction, civil engineering, landscape construction
Technical Data:
• Power input: 2,2 W Rated voltage: 23 V ~
• Rated speed: -51/-1,15/-2,5 rpm
• Spindle connection: UNF ½” female + 1¼” UNC male
• Collar diameter: 6 mm
• Weight: 6.7 kg
• Drilling diameters:
- Concrete (wet):
1st. Gear: 82-162 mm* 2nd. Gear: 42-82 mm 3rd. Gear: 12-42 mm
- Brick (dry) * with drill rig
1st. Gear: 122-22 mm 2nd. Gear: 62-122 mm 3rd. Gear: 12-62 mm
Supplied With:
• Supplied in a case, with water supply and dust extraction
system and jaw wrench

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