Eibenstock Diamond Stone Cut Saw Dry EST350.1


Eibenstock Diamond Cutoff Saw 355mm EST350.1

Power input: 2,400 W

Max. disc diameter: 350 mm

Max. cutting depth: 120 mm


Max. cutting length: 250 mm



• Handy and flexible machine

• Tool-less adjustable quick clamping device – safe fixing to the work area

• Spindle lock – easy changing of the saw blade

• Transportation lock in hinged position – handy and safe transport of the machine

• Angular stop stepless adjustable -45° – easy and precise mitre cuts

• Starting current limiter

• Nozzle diameter Ø 35 mm – direct connection to industrial vacuum cleaner DSS 25/5/35

Cutting table (cutting capacity at 9° cuts)

Cutting depth: 8 mm 1 mm 12 mm

Cutting length: 25 mm 21 mm 15 mm



• Cutting of stone materials, e.g. concrete, natural stone, bricks

• Ideal for precise cuts on pavements work

• Gardening and landscaping, road and pavement construction, for clinker-cutting etc.


Technical Data:

• Power input: 2,4 W

• Rated voltage: 23 V ~

• No-load speed: 3,9 rpm

• Max. disc diameter: 35 mm

• Max. cutting depth: 12 mm

• Max. cutting length: 25 mm

• Spindle connection: 25.4 mm

• Weight: 19 kg


Supplied With:

• In a box with diamond cutting disc Ø 35 mm and assembly tools


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