Eibenstock Mixing Drill Twin Stirrer 1300w 0774C000/EZR22RR/L SET


Eibenstock Mixing Drill 1800w Twin Paddel EZR 22RR/L SET

Power input: 1,300 W

Rated speed: 140-400 rpm

Total diameter rods: 220 mm


• Electronic switch – stepless speed regulation for less splashing
• 2-speed gearbox – the right speed for every application
• M14 female direct Mixer connection – effective power transmission, high concentricity
• Cap with labyrinth-guide – protection against dust, dirt, stones, water splash
• Damping and protection elements
• Mixing of building materials with high viscosity, e.g. filler and leveling compounds, tile cement, ready-mixed mortar and plaster, screed, epoxy resins, sealants, granules
• Drywall construction, tiler, plaster, civil engineering, landscaping
Technical Data:
• Power input: 1,3 W
• Rated voltage: 23 V ~
• Rated speed: 14-4 rpm
• Total diameter rods: 22 mm
• Spindle connection: Special
• Weight: 6.7 kg
• Max Capacity: 6 kg
Supplied With:
• In a box with large mixing paddle

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