Eibenstock Mixing Drill with Stirrer 1100W 40kg 077E1000/EHR18S SET


Eibenstock Mixing Drill 1100w EHR 18S SET

Power input: 1,100 W

Rated speed: 0-450 rpm

No-load speed: 800 rpm

Max Capacity: 40 kg


Electronic switch

Cap with labyrinth-guide protection against dust, dirt, stones,water splash

M14 female direct mixer connection effective power

transmission, high concentricity

Dampning and protection elements


Mixing of building materials with low and middle viscosity, e.g. paint, glue, filler and leveling compounds, tile cement, ready-mixed mortar

Drywall construction, tiler, painter and plasterer, civil engineering

Technical Data:

Power input: 1,1 W

Rated voltage: 23 V ~

Rated speed: -45 rpm

No-load speed: 8 rpm

Max. paddle: Ì÷ 12 mm

Spindle connection M14 female

Weight 4.1 kg

Max Capacity: 4 kg

Supplied With:

In a box with paddle WG12

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