Gesipa Accubird PRO Cordless Kit - 18.0V ACCUPACKPRO

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Cordless Rivet Gun, Charger & 1 x 2.1Ah Batteries

The latest generation of the battery powered blind rivet setting tool - up to 4 x faster than other battery-powered tools on the market!

The brushless motor and 10,000 N setting force makes the Accubird® Pro extremely fast for setting blind rivets of any material up to Ø 5mm.


  • Weight : 2.1 kg 

  • Working range: Blind rivets from Ø 2.4 mm aluminium, up to Ø 5 mm all materials and blind rivets up to Ø 6 mm aluminium. BULB-TITE® blind rivets up to Ø 4 mm and 5.2 mm aluminium and steel. G-Bulb blind rivets up to Ø 4.8 mm all materials. 

  • Setting force: 10000 N 

  • Stroke: 25 mm 

  • Drive: Brushless DC motor (BLDC)