Gesipa Accubird ® PRO CAS 18V/2.0 Ah Rivet Tool Kit - Includes: 2 x Battery Packs & Charger *COMING SOON*

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Setting Force: 13kN (13,000N)

Working Range: Blind rivets from Ø 2.4 mm up to Ø 6 mm for all materials. (max. mandrel Ø 3.7 mm).

Drive: Brushless Motor

Stroke: 25mm

Weight: 2.1kg

Scope of Delivery: Nosepieces: 17/20, 17/24, 17/27, 17/29, 17/32, 17/36, 17/40, Additional jaw pusher for bigger blind-rivet dimensions

Gespia Powerbird® Pro Gold Edition CAS(Cordless Alliance Systems)18V/2.0 Ah Rivet Tool

Supplied with 2 CAS 2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery packs and charger in L-BOXX with nosepieces: 17/32, 17/36, 17/40 and 17/45.

  • Up to 4x faster than other battery-powered tools on the market

  • Extremely versatile due to wide range of application areas

  • Brushless motor and 13,000 N setting force make the AccuBird® Pro extremely fast for setting blind rivets of any material up to Ø 5 mm.

  • Extremely fast, virtually no wear: BLDC motor of the AccuBird® Pro has long service life and is virtually non-wearing.

  • Compared to commercially available battery-powered tools, setting can be done up to 4x faster making it
    comparable with hydropneumatic blind rivet setting tools.

  • Well-proven and ergonomically designed: AccuBird® Pro is equipped with the low-wear jaws system and features the same ergonomic design as the TAURUS® series, already proven a thousand times over.