Gesipa Firebird with Extra Battery FIREPACK


Firebird Gesipa Industrial Cordless Rivet Nut Tool (with extra battery) Made In Germany

Special price only from 24/05/2016 to 31/05/2016

Working Range: - Up to M1 Alu, M8 Steel, and M6 Stainless Steel. - Supplied with M4,M5 & M6 mandrel and nosepiece set ups, 2 x batteries, charger and metal carry case. - Imperial size mandrels available FEATURES: Freedom: - Versatile cordless rivet nut tool for outdoor and indoor applications. - Hight Speed Setting: - Drill-on of the blind nut with reduced torque and automatic switch-off. - Separate triggering of the pulling step and automatic swiching to Drill-off with hight torque after setting complete. Ergonomic Design: Ideal balancing and comfortable handle reduces work effort. Easy Operation Exchange: - Quick mandrel and stroke adjustment without tools. - Extra mandrel and nosepiecce assemblies stored with tool - always on hand. Hight Reliability: - Monitoring of pre-set stroke through electronic control. - Electronic temperature and overloading monitoring.

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