Gesipa FireBird® PRO CAS 18V/2.0 Ah Rivet Tool - Includes: 2 x Battery Packs & Charger

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Setting Force: 15kN (15,000 N)

Working Range: Blind rivet nuts up to M10 aluminium, up to M8 steel and up to M6 stainless steel

Drive: Brushless Motor

Stroke: 10mm

Weight: 2.4kg

Scope of Delivery: Threaded mandrel and nosepiece M6 (in working position), Threaded mandrel and nosepiece, M4 and M5 (in magazine), 1x Hexagonal wrench, 1x Double open ended wrench SW 24/27, Card Quick adjustment, Card Setting force pre-adjustment, Operating manual

Gespia FireBird® Pro CAS 18V/2.0 Ah Rivet Nut Tool
Supplied with; 2 CAS 2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery packs and charger in L-BOXX. Threaded mandrel and nosepiece M6 (in working position), Threaded mandrel and nosepiece M4 and M5 (in magazine).

  • Easy to set setting force via LED LED input field

  • Controlling the tool through setting force adjustment protects material, thread and anchors blind rivet nuts securely in the material

  • Quick and easy setting force adjustment via the display

  • Does not need to be adjusted in case of changing material thicknesses or different lengths of blind rivet nuts

  • Foolproof operation

  • Virtually no wear by brushless motor

  • Modern Li-Ion battery technology

  • Controlled solely by the setting force adjustment

  • Intelligent error message

  • Almost double the pulling displacement from 5.5 to 10 mm

  • Fully automatic screw-off procedure