Steinel GLUEMATIC 5000 Glue Gun 500W (Box)

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Features: Strong, Neat, Versatile, Germany Quality

Application: Sealing, Glueing, Craft Work.

Warmup Time: 3-5Min

Weight: 330g 332716

Comes With: 5 x Glue Sticks, Long & Short Nozzle.   Takes 11mm Diameter Glue Sticks 

Includes: 5 x Glue Sticks and Long & Short Nozzle


  • High melting capacity

  • Heat storage capability for cordless glueing

  • Charging station with integrated drip tray

  • High delivery rate at approx. 22g/min

  • Warm-up time of only 3-5 minutes

  • Exchangeable nozzles

  • Electronic temperature control through modern PTC heating technology

  • Power cord simply plugs into unit for continuous operation

  • Energy-saving standby mode

  • Electronically controlled dual heating system for short warm-up times

  • Mechanical glue stick feeder for a speedy, well-metred flow of glue

  • On placing the unit on the charging station, it automatically connects to power and starts heating the adhesive

  • Encapsulated melting chamber serves a heat reservoir - If larger quantities of hot-melt adhesive need to be applied on a continuous basis, the power cord can be plugged straight into the Gluematic 5. 

Suitable For: assembling flower arrangements, fixing wooden dowels, sticking picture frames, making photo collages, sticking pots & model-making. 


  • Weight: 33 kg (without stand)

  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 185 x 32 x 18 mm

  • Glue sticks: Ø 11 mm

  • Output during idle phase: 2 W

  • Voltage: 22 - 24 V

  • Output during heat-up phase: 5 W

  • Exchangeable nozzles: Yes

  • Warm-up time: 3 - 5 min

  • Melt temperature: 21 - 22 °C

  • Delivery rate: 22 g /min

  • Output in working phase: 12 W

  • Max. glue capacity: 19 g/min

  • Max. stick diameter: 11 mm

  • Max. stick length: 25 mm