Steinel GluePro 400 Industrial Glue Gun Kit

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Hot-melt gluing for professionals. Fast and precise.


  • Exchangeable gluing nozzle
  • Selectable quantity of glue per stroke
  • Compatible with:  Ø 11 mm glue sticks
  • Non-slip grip handle
  • Easy-action feed mechanism for fatigue-free work
  • Removable stand for gluing in hard-to-reach place

Output: 400W

Temperature 40-230 Degrees C

Heating time throughput: 1.5kg/Hr (50 Sticks @300mm/hr)

Weight : 580g

The Most Precise Glue Gun in the World | Accurate to the degree.

Exploiting the full potential of hot-melt gluing often demands the use of high-quality adhesives with specific melting points. With the GluePRO 400 LCD and the capability of setting its temperature to the accuracy of one degree, this is where the sky's the limit. Whether acrylates demanding a high temperature or low-temperature Low Melt adhesives, the required temperature is set easily and conveniently on the tool. The GluePRO 400 LCD is the hot-melt glue applicator for professionals who work every day with adhesives that perform best when they are applied at the perfect temperature.