Steinel HG2320EC Heat Gun in Case

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Hot Air Tool HG 2320 E Precision digital control. 2300 W Digital temperature setting controlled by joystick from 80 – 650 °C Temperature indicated in 10 °C steps on LCD display Airflow regulated in 2 stages of 150 and 500 l/min.

Comes in practical case Includes: reflector nozzle, 50mm surface nozzle, 9mm reduction nozzle, and heat-shrinkable tubes Technical Specifications: Output: 2300 W Temperature: 80 - 650°C Airflow rate: 150-500 l/min Temperature display in 10 °C steps on display Ceramic heating element Includes: thermal fuse, Thermostat, LOC function Dimensions (L × W ×H): 253 x 86,5 x 200 mm Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz